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Not all National Trust properties are open yet, and those that are require pre-booking via their website, no later than 15:00 on the day prior to visit.

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Coldrum Long Barrow

Coldrum Longbarrow is the least-damaged megalithic longbarrow in Kent and takes its name from the now demolished Coldrum Lodge Farm. It is possible the name 'Coldrum' derived from the old Cornish word 'Galdrum' which means 'place of enchantments'. Owned in perpetuity by us since 1926 in memorial of Benjamin Harrison, an Ightham historian, this 3,000 year-old burial chamber is the only one of those originally present in the Medway Valley to remain virtually intact. Every year, on the 1 May at dawn the Hartley Morris Men visit the stones to 'sing up the sun'. This consists of performing a number of dances within the stones on top of the barrow, followed by a song usually performed at the base of the stones.

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